May 18, 2017

Days of the week...


Here it is Wednesday and I’m writing about Tuesday which should probably be an indication about the week.

You know what Tuesday is?

Too long because I’m too tired because I worked too hard and too much without getting to rest.
So, I started this long before I started the Triumph Tuesday thing which is about to run out anyway forcing me to scramble for content.

I got work!

Yay me!

The rub is of course, I am REALLY TIRED! Not a little tired but a lot tired and the days seem so much shorter than they used to be.

I’m lucky in a way because the gig is nothing to really complain about aside from my usual grousing over things that are well beyond my control and really, I am soooooo very thankful to have gotten something to come in.

My effort just to find a steady gig continues though...

But this entry still holds true because even though it’s Thursday I am just wiped out each and every day, the odd math of the day has now inverted and ideally if it was good math I would be making way more money for way less time and effort.

We’re all in the same boat though I think....

However, the weekend looms before us, HOORAY!

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